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I get a Communication error or Error [2][9][9]
There are several reasons this could be happening and therefore several things you may need to try before you can fix it.

1. Make sure your PC is updated and then restart. May be surprising- but solves many problems!
2. Make sure your profile is admin of the PC and run the game as administrator.
3. Open up your router firewall settings and allow P2P applications and pings to the Gateway.
4. Turn off Anti-Virus settings or add an exception for the Black Squad game folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Black Squad)
5. Turn off Firewall or add an execption for Black Squad

In general, this error means the game can't reach the server and, unless it's a widespread issue (check Official Discord and Steam Forum for announcements) the problem is most likely a network issue.

Last Updated 7 months ago

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