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Is this game Free to Play? Do we need a key to play the game?
The game will stay 100% Free to Play. It's in Early Access now and you won't need any key to play.
What servers do we have right now?
We have 7 Servers spread across NA, EU, South America, South East Asia, and East Asia.
Is this game Pay to Win?
Absolutely not. Every gun can be purchased permanently with in-game currency. Skinned and Re-Skin guns are just cosmetic and does not increase stats.
Which anti-cheat does the Steam version of Black Squad use?
It is using BattlEye, which is currently considered the best anti-cheat in the world. Almost every game it supports is clean because of the constant updates and bans. BattlEye also has the capability to hardware ban. You can find out more here:
What do you start out with?
200,000 Gold, SIZ556XI CARBON GL, Default Knife, Standard Armor.
Will there be a tutorial? Login rewards? Any free items?
You get 500 medals for completing the tutorial. 15,000 Gold per day, 500 medals every 7th day and one key every 28th day. You can get free Steam DLCs via the store which includes most guns for 15 days and a chance to obtain one perm blue urban skinned weapon or the character Jayce. There is also an anniversary DLC gives out some permanent stuff. Make sure you go to Properties of Black Squad and tick the 'DLC' box.
How do I contact support?
Where do I report hackers/cheaters?
Send a video or photo as proof to the Support Center!
Who are the Black Squad Medics, NeoBricks? And what is their job in Black Squad?
They are Black Squad's Partner that will help NS Studio handle the support site and other official social fronts as Community Managers, aka the Black Squad Medics.
Who are Discord & Steam Moderators?
Discord Moderators are volunteer staff that helps Black Squad by maintaining order in Discord or Steam.
What is the partner program? How can I apply for Black Squad's partnership?
Partners are streamers, youtubers, and community leaders that are making content and helping Black Squad grow the community. More info here:
I have some important stuff that needs to be addressed to NS Studio Staff, how can I contact them?
You can contact the Discord Admin or Medics and they will help you forward it to NS Studio, or send a ticket to the Support Center.
How does the netcode work?
You can learn more about Black Squad's netcode in this video:
Is there any Wall of Shame or ban list?
No. No name shaming!
How do I know if I encounter a real CM in game?
Here are some steps into finding them and if you stumble upon an impersonator:
How many modes and maps are available now?
You can check this sheet for available modes and maps:
Is there Ranked match?
Yes, there are Competitive matches with changing rewards every season. Check out details from here:
How do I change my Clan Mark/Emblem?
There are many clan emblem events where you and your clan can earn a new emblem.
Can I trade/sell my skin to others?
Trading is not allowed. However, the Steam Market is live, check out our market policy from here:
Is there a Voice Chat system in game?
Yes, but its limited to Competitive and Clan Ranked Matches.
Can I spectate a room while they are playing?
Not yet, there is spectate mode but only available in the Competitive Channel.
How do I join the Competitive Channel?
Competitive Channel is only available for tournament players that have permission from Community Managers.
Is there any Replay function? No, maybe in the future.
When will the Ping Limit be applied on all servers?
Our matchmaking system automatically matches players with similar ping.
Is there any guns that can do 1 hit headshot? What gun should I choose?
Check this Weapon damage breakdown spreadsheet by @Song_, download the Free DLC and try the gun by yourself. see we have different skills and classes in tutorial and inventory, how do I use it?
It's only available in some modes like Destruction/Battle Match/Airborne and Capture.
Can I communicate with my teammate when I'm dead?
No, ghost-chat is off (except Competitive and Clan matches) but you can use 3rd party Voice Program like Discord to communicate.
Is there zombie mode?
No, maybe in future.
What currencies are in the game?
Gold: Basic currency, can be obtained from playing the game, completing daily/weekly mission, login reward or Random Bullet Boxes Medal: Can be obtained from completing daily mission, login reward or Random Bullet Boxes BS Coin: Can only be obtained through opening Random Bullet Boxes Bullet: Can only be purchased with real money
How do I purchase Bullets?
You can purchase Bullets with the Steam Wallet, just make sure that Steam Overlay is turned on.
Why is my gun always missing 1 bullet?
It's a feature of the game, there is 1 extra bullet in your gun's chamber.
What is "preset" in sensitivity setting?
In Black Squad, you will have 3 different presets/loadouts, and each preset/loadout will have a different sensitivity.
Can I change my crosshair's color, size...?
Yes you can in game settings. However, there will be limitations.
Do characters give any advantages?
No, they all have the same hitbox and no stats.
Is there any way to check other player's status (KAD, match history...)?
Yes, you can use this command /who playername in game.
I won a giveaway key, where can I redeem it
Check here

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