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I can't start or launch the game, I press PLAY and nothing happens
There are several reasons this could be happening.

First make sure you are launching the game from the administrator account of the PC or else it will not open. (This is normally the problem so do this first!)

If the problem continues please take a look at this thread as it might be a fix for you:

Also check if your drive is full, clearing it helped solve the issue for some people.

If the problem persists then try manually installing it (if you haven't already. In some cases, Steam does not complete the installation of all necessary files after downloading the game. To solve this issue, you can manually reinstall them, by going to your installation directory, which you may usually find here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\BlackSquad\_CommonRedist

In this directory you will find the folders:
  • DirectX
  • vcredist

Please access the folders and run the Setup-files located there. Afterwards, please restart your computer and try to launch the game. In most cases, the issue should be solved then.

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